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Old Manor Set

Komplet Motyw "Stary Dworek"...

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Easter Roses Set

Komplet Różany Wielkanocny...

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Easter Ostrich Egg Nest

Wielkanocne Gniazdko ze Strusiego Jaja An ostrich egg Easter decoration with a nest at the bottom and little egs and sticks inside a whole....

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Easter Door Sign

Wielkanocna Zawieszka na Drzwi A Easter door sign with a nest with an egg, a plank with an Easter egg motif and a “Welcome” sign....

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Tissue Box With Flower Pots

Pudełko Na Chusteczki w Donice...

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Little Water Bucket With Flowers

Mały cebrzyk w Kwiaty A light coloured little water bucket. The pattern on it are flower pots with flowers....

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Big Round Christmas Flower Pot

Duża Okrągła Świąteczna Doniczka A big, round, dark blue flower pot with a Christmas themed picture. Snow covered houses and pines framed with a golden border....

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Flower Pot With Poppies

Doniczka z Makami A square flower pot with poppy flowers....

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Christmas Bird On a Green Plate

Świąteczny Ptaszek na Zielonym Talerzu A Christmas themed dark green plate with a bird in the middle....

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Various Christmas Items

Świąteczne Różności A collection of Christmas themed items – a big and small bauble, Christmas board, and a bucket, as well as a candle holder....

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Christmas Store Window Sign

Świąteczna Wywieszka Sklepowa A holiday themed sign to hang in a shop window or door....

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by Joanna Walker

November 10, 2008